“I consider myself totally away from fads or trends. When I create a piece of art, I am guided only by my truest inspiration from a total freedom of choice. Being completely self-taught, I do not believe in the academy and its dogmas, and even less in the market claims. So, I change my artistic style as if I were changing my clothes..."

For me, art is a passion, a fun, a great adventure. I use dissimilar materials such as acrylic, oil, charcoal, graphite, resins, gesso, alcohol, newspapers sheets, etc. I love monochromatic tones and rough or dynamic strokes, as well as I enjoy turning the spatula in the biggest.

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"Juan Luis Pérez (Havana, 1970) is a profoundly anti-academic, irreverent and rebellious artist. He creates uncomfortable works, difficult to place in labels so admired by critics. His work is contrary to the notion of unique and “personal style.” His art is chameleon–like, always in flux and not constant. And these characteristics bother, perturb, mostly to the mechanisms of the art-institution: markets, gallerists, curators, historians, etc. The “small world” of art needs to define, classify. When it cannot be done, that world destabilizes. Juan Luis is then a “stone in a shoe.” An enfant terrible. When he invited me to his studio and I observed his work for the first time, this is what I sensed: the diversity of his work disarmed me; it left me momentarily without words. It is because Juan Luis is sometimes abstract and other times figurative; at times he uses strident and contrasting colors, and in other cases, employs an enormous chromatic sobriety; sometimes he uses dense and pronounced textures, while in others he opts for the very plane forms; at times he is expressionist, other times pop; in some works he’s inclined to representation of the human face, in others he avoids it; momentarily he is more conventional, in other cases he turns extremely experimental and adds resins, newspapers, alcohol; at times he is visually minimalist, other times he is more..."

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